Deductible excess for GP care

There is a legally established deductible excess for healthcare in the Netherlands. Some insurance companies also have an additional voluntary deductible excess.

For more detailed information on the deductible excess check our national website on the page Kosten en declaraties huisartsenzorg (Costs and declarations GP care).

GP care is excluded from your deductible excess

Regular GP care is not included in the deductible excess, it will be fully covered by the basic healthcare insurance. Regular GP care includes telephone calls, consultations, and visits by general practitioners, medical assistants, practice nurses, physician assistants, and medical specialists that are employed within the practice under the responsibility of your general practitioner.

Care that is included in the deductible excess

It might be necessary for your health that the general practitioner prescribes medication for you, requests further examinations or refers you to a specialist in the hospital or an institution for psychological help. The deductible excess applies to all of these. The health insurer will charge you this if you have not already paid the maximum excess to your health insurer for the relevant calendar year.

Below we will mention several examples of care that is included in the deductible excess. This list is not complete. Therefore, always check with your health insurer if specific care is included in the deductible excess or not. It concerns the following:

  • Prescribed medication;
  • Blood tests and blood examination;
  • CRP-rapid test;
  • Urine examination (except for a suspected bladder infection);
  • All samples that are tested (including STD test and stool samples);
  • Smear tests*;
  • Teledermatology;
  • Heart rhythm examination with the use of event recorder;
  • Examinations in the hospital (for example X-rays, Echo, CT-scan, ECG, holter examination, laboratory examinations, etc.);
  • Visit to a specialist at the hospital;
  • Visit to an institute for psychological help;
  • Visit to a dietician.

*This concerns smear tests requested by the general practitioner. Smear tests conducted in the context of cervical cancer screening are paid for by the government and are not included in the deductible.

For an indication on the costs for laboratory examinations in GP care please check our national website on page Onderzoek (diagnostiek)(Examination, diagnostics).

Always check your deductible excess

The general practitioner bases the decision to request additional laboratory or hospital examination or to prescribe medication only on medical grounds. The general practitioner will not consider the costs that are within your deductible excess.

We recommend you to always carefully check if you have already consumed your deductible excess for the relevant calendar year and check with your health insurer and possible care provider about the expected costs for the examinations, medication or visit to specialist(s). The general practitioner cannot be held responsible for the costs incurred.

Please consider that the acquired services will not be reimbursed. Also your general practitioner cannot reimburse you if you decide not to use the medication you collected or if you afterwards decide that the examination or visit to the specialist is no longer necessary. Even if the costs are more than expected and/or the treatment or medication did not have the desired effect.