About Arts en Zorg

Arts en Zorg (Physician and Care) is an innovative organization for integrated primary healthcare where general practitioners, physiotherapists, pharmacies, and psychological healthcare professionals work closely together.

Since our founding in 2005, we aim to offer our patients innovative, customer friendly, and high quality healthcare. This is expressed in the way our healthcare centres offer their services and the energy we put into developing innovation in healthcare. 

We provide integrated primary healthcare in healthcare centres throughout The Netherlands.

The healthcare of Arts en Zorg

Our healthcare centres are situated throughout The Netherlands and our general practitioners work closely together with other healthcare professionals, both inside and outside our healthcare centres.

We think it is important that our care meets the needs and wishes of our patients as much as possible. You, as our patient, are our main focus and we pay close attention to your physical, psychological, and social condition. 

We serve your interests by innovating our care continuously and trying to answer every possible question concerning your health very carefully. Since you pay a premium for your healthcare (and sometimes have to pay extra), we consider it our responsibility to deliver sensible, reasonably priced, high quality care.

Reference points

In organizing our healthcare we use a number of reference points in order to reach our goals:

  • Our patients’ needs and wishes are a leading principle in organizing our healthcare centres. We attempt to provide an answer to every possible issue concerning your health, on the appropriate level, at the right time.
  • A variety of healthcare professionals work at our healthcare centres. In most centres there is also a pharmacy, a physiotherapist, and a dietician. At most of our locations we offer psychological care as well.
  • We attempt to provide our care as close to your home as possible and to ensure that you rely on the same person to for contact.
  • We offer high quality multidisciplinary healthcare programs for people with chronic ailments.   
  • A wide range of diagnostics (for example blood tests) is available.
  • At our healthcare centres with a pharmacy, we provide the service of repeating prescriptions for people with chronic ailments.   
  • Our healthcare centres are easily reached by phone: we are available all day for advice and booking appointments. 
    We are expanding our online services for patients. At many of our healthcare centres it is possible to book an appointment online.  
  • Our healthcare professionals aim to improve their care and services continuously. All our healthcare centres and professionals are audited regularly and thoroughly. They are provided with concrete feedback on their care and services.

Organization and strategy of Arts en Zorg

We aim to provide efficiently organized, high quality healthcare, abundantly available and accessible for our patients.

This means that proven high quality care and service are delivered, against lower costs per insured person. Due to our high standards (right the first time) less pharmacy and expensive referrals to specialists are needed. We aim to realize this on a national scale, by means of our regional organizations. We are convinced expansion should not diminish the humane aspects of our profession and our personal approach of patients. We want to provide accessible healthcare, carefully tuned to the needs of the surrounding neighbourhood.

The organization of Arts en Zorg is based on two important guidelines. The first is combined management: on every level in our organization a manager is responsible for direction and a manager/physician is responsible for the healthcare we offer. In addition we think it’s important to arrange as much as possible in the region. That is why most of our management decisions are made on a regional level. Facilitating resources, like Finance, Human Resources, ICT, Clinical and Business Intelligence, Project Management and Contracting are taken care of on central level.

The future

The demand for healthcare will increase. As a result of this, there will be a growing need for professionals in primary health to cooperate with each other and to expand their directing function in healthcare. These developments demand a higher level of organization in primary healthcare. Modernization and innovation are crucial to face the increasing demand for healthcare and all the extra tasks involved in the process.

We are convinced that we need to abandon the old way of (productivity) thinking, in order to keep healthcare affordable and accessible. Contrary to the present situation, where the focus lies on curing ailments, we think that healthcare professionals should rather be rewarded for keeping their patients healthy. This is an important change.

Other activities of Arts en Zorg

Besides integrated primary healthcare at our healthcare centres, we also offer primary physician care in other circumstances (for example mental healthcare institutions, police stations and for the Ministry of Justice).

Apart from healthcare services we offer support for other healthcare professionals regarding knowledge about government and care, in order to get better results in healthcare. We achieve this by supplying effective Clinical and Business Intelligence, telephony, and ICT solutions.

More information about these services can be found on the business page on this website.